From Toumpallos to Saranta Kolones

Published 12th of March, 2020

This is the final stage of out detailed tour of Paphos Archaeological Park, and we have saved some of the best attractions to last. So come with us as we finish the journey in style...

Recent Excavations


We left you at the end of our last blog on a viewpoint overlooking the Mall and the new walkway. If you need a refresher use the link below. From the viewpoint, if you face towards the rest of the park, you will see signs of recent excavations. There will be Archaeological Digs continuing in the park for decades to come. There used to be a whole city here, after all.

Part 3: The Lighthouse and Beyond

Early Christian Basilicas?


This does of course, present us with a problem. As the investigations are still ongoing, there isn't that much information about them that is readily available. You can read reports of discoveries near Toumpallos, for instance, but it is impossible to tell which discovery is which, as there are so many digs running in parallel.

Towards Toumpallos


I have no idea what these ruins were. The area is residential, so perhaps they were homes?

Ancient Water Tank?


This hole was a bit strange, as was the structure to its right. It looked like it used to be a water tank, but that is pure speculation on my part. The two bushes I mentioned previously are now in front of me.

Toumpallos From Above


The Basilica at "Toumballos" is situated very near the north gate of the city wall, just opposite the subterranean rooms of the probable Hellenistic Sanctuary of the town. It has been discovered by the on-going excavations of the Italian University at Katania, that began in 1987 under the direction of Ph. Giudice. It is a small church of the 4th century A.D., consisting of the nave, the narthex, a double apse and a space between the two apses, leading to a possible crypt, which is dated from the 7th to the 10th century A.D., and is believed that it constitutes the martydom of St Hilarion.


It gets a bit confusing now. I think when they talk about the Christian Basilica they are talking about the remains just in front of the green bush in the centre. Because in front of that, on a lower level, is another area.

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