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Published 7th of September, 2018

Pithos House Guide


The website has different information to the signs you can see here, so I shall reproduce some more text:

...From both phases of the housing, archaeologists have discovered various movable objects such as stony agricultural tools and household utensils, bone objects, ceramic conches with written reddish decoration on a white external surface, which is the same kind of decoration that the conches found in “Mylouthkia” had.

Moreover, figurines made of stone and clay were discovered in “Mosphylia”, from which a special place is held by the “stony standing woman figure characterized by a long neck, a triangular face, a rectangular nose, square anaglyph eyes and hair in the centre of the head”. This woman figurine is dated back to the year 3000 B.C...

Deceptively Spacious


The last blurb from the website:

...During the 1987 excavations came to light a rectangular artificial dugout of the Middle Copper-stone age, of the year 3000 B.C, in which an impressive treasure of various movable objects was discovered. This treasure included 54 objects and multiple ceramic conches. Among the findings was a large cup having the shape of an irregular, circular enclosure with an entrance and a flat base. It constitutes the most ancient model of an outdoor worshipping Sanctuary, inside of which anthropomorphous clay figurines and other worshipping objects were discovered. The internal and external surface of the cup has a “thin off-white coating paneled by written reddish decoration of regular ribbons, straight and devious lines and various other geometrical shapes”.

Especially impressive among the worshipping objects is a small clay stool which used to possibly constitute the seat on which a woman about to give birth sat.

Sheltered Accommodation


Once you have tired of the hut, you can visit the remains of the settlement itself.

Look, Don't Touch


It isn't fenced off, but I think it is taken as read that you shouldn't jump in and look for souvenirs.

More Information


There is a lot more info on the site available by the ruins. I won't reproduce it all here, but if you visit you will not be short of facts about the site.

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