Foinikas Views

Published 16th of August, 2019

Towards The Dam


And not only Foinikas looks beautiful from up here, the whole world does.

Fierce Flora


However, all this beauty comes at a price. None of the vegetation up here likes you one little bit, and is determined to pick a fight. You can step one way to avoid a thistle only to find gorse. Step another way and you are in capers. That sort of thing. In an ideal world I would say wear long trousers, but it is very hot at the moment, so you may be better off using a stick to prod a path for yourself. One thing that is essential is decent shoes though, I had on my walking boots but still felt the occasional thorn pricking my foot.

Cute Fauna


The lizards were out in force, too, unsurprisingly.

Mini Dinosaur


While lizards are harmless, and very cute, there was also an abundance of large wasps and hornets. They weren't interested in us, and were just there for the thistle flowers. However, if you are whacking a trail through the undergrowth with a stick, then be careful. They won't appreciate it, and their stings are incredibly painful, I am told.

Nomad Wasps


Originally my wife thought this was a trail of caterpillars. It was only when she zoomed in for a close-up that she realised that they were actually little nests for solitary wasps. Or something like that, anyway. They remind me of the cave dwellings you see in the sides of desert cliffs that nomads occasionally reside in.

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