Who Is Vandalising Foinikas?

Published 20th of January, 2019

The Asprokremmos is filling up fast, so we decided to see if we could still drive to Foinikas, the abandoned historical village which lies on its banks. We succeeded, and took some lovely photographs, but also had a nasty surprise...

Distant Asprokremmos Dam


A few days ago I tried to reach Foinikas from the Nata end but quickly gave up. The track I wanted to use had turned into a river. So this time, my wife and I set off from the Water Processing Plant. The road from the plant is only suitable for a decent 4x4, so do bear that in mind if you are planning a trip.

Distant Foinikas


And there is Foinikas, now able to boast a lakeside view once again. If you look in the centre of the picture, slightly to the left, you can see a white house. When the reservoir is full, that house is half submerged. So there is still room for a bit more water...

Note also that the bridge that used to be visible is now fully submerged, so you won't be able to get to Foinikas that way!

Nice Rock Formation!


And look! That's the rock formation I hiked up to last year. I thoroughly enjoyed that, and the views were stunning.

The Road to Foinikas


This is the way you need to go. Don't take the first right turn though.



Our Pajero made short work of this landslide. I did try clearing it with a spade, in a fit of altruism, but that got boring very quickly. One of the members of our Paphos Chat Facebook Group came past here later in a smaller car. They piled up the tyre rut with rocks to enable them to clear the mud. There are some photos on the group page which are worth tracking down. I've had to do similar things in the past to clear awkward rocks etc, and it is a good tip to remember.

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