Published 31st of August, 2023

Kathikas lies on top of the plateau that separate Paphos and Polis. It is famous for its grape production and flourishing agrotourism industry. It also has an abundance of taverns to tempt you on your travels. Let's take a look around.



We shall approach Kathikas from below. The B7 runs from Paphos to Polis, and if you take the left turn just after Stroumbi you will find yourself on this road.

Kathikas Cemetery


I stopped just by the cemetery to take the first picture. It is in a very peaceful location and had I not been intent on walking around Kathikas itself I would have taken time to appreciate it more.

A Handy Map


I figure if I explain the route now it will make the article easier to follow. There are two main roads that surround Kathikas. There is the one from Stroumbi, but also another one, from Peyia which runs down into Prodromi. I am going to follow the lower road until it joins the upper one, on the far side of Kathikas, then come back via the Peyia road to the centre of the village.

I have marked where a Parking Area is. This comes up later in the article, but I am mentioning it here so you can make a note of where it is.



Following the lower road into Kathikas you soon arrive at this junction. Turning left will take you directly to the centre of Kathikas. It is a sharp turn and the road can be quite squeeky, so take it slowly. If you turn right here, you will eventually end up in Pano Akourdaleia. We shall go straight on.

Farm Yard Tavern


The first of a fair number of taverns we arrive at is the Farm Yard. This started life as a coffee shop, and has now grown to offer two restaurant styles in one. You can choose from international or Chinese / Thai.

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