Kritou Terra - Part 1

Published 1st of November, 2022

These days Kritou Terra is most famous for its waterfall. If you decide to visit it be sure to allow time to have a wander around the village itself though. There is plenty to see, as we shall show you over the course of this two-part article.

Distant Kritou Terra


Kritou Terra is considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of the province, according to Wikipedia, anyway. It plays host to the third biggest spring in Cyprus, and also a lovely waterfall. It has many other charms though, including the island's first casino. This now functions as a tourist attraction, so keep your lucky rabbit foot at home.

You get to it by taking the road from Kathikas to Polis and turning right a while after the Arodes turning. You can also come at it from below, via the B7. In both cases it is clearly signposted.

To take this shot I drove past Kritou Terra in the direction of Terra. This afforded me a lovely hillside view of the village.

Surrounding Countryside


The area around Kritou Terra, including Akourdaleia and Miliou, is some of the most beautiful yet unexplored in Cyprus.

Welcoming Murals


I've turned now and driven back to the village entrance. There is a nice row of mosaic murals here.



This is a feature common to many villages in Cyprus, with varying degrees of success. Some villages take shortcuts and put photographs in alcoves like these. The problem with that though, is that they soon fade in the hot sun. These however, are proper mosaics, and will last a lot longer.

The First Of Many


When you turn off the Kathikas - Polis road to get to Kritou Terra, you will go down a very winding road before arriving at a junction. Straight on takes you to Terra. You turn right to enter Kritou Terra proper. You will find this fountain / memorial next to the junction.

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