What Is Happening To Vretsia?

Published 28th of August, 2020

Yesterday we went for a drive through Paphos Forest, culminating in a dip in our favourite pool near Roudia Bridge. On the way back to Polemi we happened to drive through Vretsia, and were somewhat surprised as to what we saw...

View From The Top


I love the balls-of-steel route from Roudia to Vretsia. Straight up a firebreak. In this case it was made a little more complicated by a descending herd of goats - this is no place to brake. Once you reach the top, you have to take in the view. I could have posted a couple of pages of similar views but this enough for this blog. We are due elsewhere...

The Mosque


Vretsia is an old Turkish Cypriot village, vacated during the troubles, when the residents had to flee to the north. You can read more about that on the first of our Vretsia blogs (see below).

Last Year


If this was your first visit to Vretsia you wouldn't think anything was odd. But if you look at this picture you can see that the minaret that used to adorn this mosque is no longer there.

Missing Minaret


I remember going up those steps a while back, and taking pictures. To be frank, it was fairly unsafe then, so I can appreciate that it probably just fell down.

Towards The Tavern


On this trip we came up from the old tavern (see links below). Before we reached the mosque, nothing seen that much out of the ordinary.

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