A Year In Paphos

Published 15th of September, 2020

People have already been mentioning the "C" word on our forum, and asking what the weather is like in the Autumn and Spring. So we thought we would put together a special compilation blog showing you what happens during a typical year in Paphos.

Lots Of Rain


Nobody will ever be able to say that 2020 is typical, so we have dipped into our blogs from 2019 to bring you these photographs. January is traditionally the wettest month of the year. And in 2019, it was wetter than usual. This was what the vineyard next to our house looked like. Fortunately, since this blog, the local council installed a drainage system.

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Trozena Waterfall


When the winter rains come, Cyprus can spring up plenty of surprises. Few are more spectacular than the waterfall at Trozena. During the summer, this looks like a cliff with some odd rock formations. Indeed, you wouldn't even konw that there was a river there. But after prolonged heavy rain, a bit of magic happens...

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Venetian Bridges In Winter


If you've visited the Venetian Bridges of Cyprus during the summer, you will be amazed at how different they can be in the winter. This is Kelefos Bridge. Normally you can drive across the river here, as it is little more than a stream. Not after the winter rains though. I had great fun making this blog, especially when I hiked through the mud to get to Roudia.

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Spring Green


While January is normally the wettest month, it does ensure that the flora flourishes, and the countryside turns green. In February it is a perfect time for a country walk.

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Colonial Relics


Paphos is famous for its historical Archaeological Parks and monuments, but it has plenty of lesser-known tourist attractions too. This little museum is a grim reminder to Cyprus' colonial past.

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