Kouris Dam Overflows

Published 15th of January, 2020

Last year it held firm, but now even the great Kouris Dam has succumbed to the inevitable and overflown in the rain. We were there with our cameras. You've seen the film, now read the blog...

There She Blows!


We approached the dam from the A6. We could already see that it had overflowed before we got here, because rivers were running through the bridges of the motorway that hadn't been there before.



As we approached the dam, we decided to explore the area in front of it firest. There was the big water slide you see here, but we could also see some more interesting water features.

Water Falls


See what I mean? That looks pretty special to me.

Front of the Dam


The track we were driving down took us to the front side of the dam. I didn't drive across there as the turning circle on my Pajero is not good and I didn't fancy reversing all the way back.

View from the Front


From here you can see another water feature, to the left of the waterfall. What is that spout?

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