Kouris Reservoir

Published 23rd of June, 2019

We've neglected the dams of Paphos for a while. They've overflowed, and now the waters are subsiding, ever so slightly. But what of those further afield? In Kouris Reservoir there is an old, abandoned church which is nearly submerged when it is full. This is an unusual sight, so we thought we had better photograph it while we had the chance.

Kouris Dam is Nearly Full!


Here we are at the top of Kouris Dam.

Last Summer


Last year it was nearly empty. Less than 10% when this picture was taken.

Random Art


A previous dam-viewer piled these stones here. Very nice too. These will be appearing on many beaches as summer progresses.

A Lot Of Water


This is the Kouris Reservoir in all its glory.

Meanwhile, Last Year


That was a heck of a lot of rain.

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