Windscreen wiper swipers target supermarkets

Paphos residents and visitors fear an increase in windscreen wiper thieves, operating in groups across supermarket parking lots in the area.

According to posts on social media and previous reports in the Cyprus Mail the problem has been going on for almost six years.

It appears from Paphos Chat groups that youths are going into various supermarket parking lots, removing the window wipers off the cars, then accosting the owners to pay them for new ones.

Paphos police were not readily available to comment on the matter.

One reader of the Cyprus Mail had previously said that the Paphos police and Paphos mayor have all been made aware of this ongoing situation.

One reader, who wished to remain anonymous, wrote into the Cyprus Mail to say that she is visiting Paphos soon, but that she was concerned about the increased messages posted on social media about the windscreen wiper thieves.

The reader said that she had seen on social media that the groups are also targeting elderly women that are alone.

Other residents have taken to posting pictures of the cars from the supermarkets parking lots in Paphos, where scammers operate.

They have also said that they have informed police verbally, but that they are informed by police nothing can be done until a written complaint is filed.

Left to find ways to deal with the issue, one social media user living in Paphos also took to having to post advice on a method to keep their windscreen wiper in place.

The user said: “A 4 or 5mm cable tie fixed tightly to the metal arm […]

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