Paphos kidney patients ired by ministry decision on new unit

PATIENTS requiring life-saving dialysis in Paphos are refusing to be treated at a private clinic fearing they will be put at risk following a decision by the ministry of health to contract out services, according to the Cyprus renal association.

A statement was issued by the association over concerns that the clinic is not yet ready to provide these services and also in the numbers that will require treatment. In addition, specially trained staff need to be brought in first, president of the association, Kyriakos Ioannou told the Cyprus Mail.

He added that the knee-jerk reaction by the ministry makes no sense, as a meeting for the relevant parties is due to take place on September 2, where the problems and possible solution facing dialysis patients and the renal units are to be discussed.

“The ministry signed an agreement with the private clinic in Paphos last week, despite the fact that we had raised concerns that it wasn’t good practice and a bad agreement, but they ignored us.”

He added that patients who have been complaining about a lack of space at the Paphos renal unit where beds are crammed into a space suitable for half the number, and staff are working double shifts to keep up with the demand, are already protesting that they will not use the clinic. They are concerned as to whether they will be patients of doctors at the public hospital or private clinic, as the latter will not bear any responsibility for them, he noted.

“The clinic said that they did not want to be responsible for the referred dialysis patients and they would only administer the treatment. If any problems are incurred during or after the process, they will not want to bear any responsibility, instead it will be that of doctors at the Paphos renal unit,” said Ioannou.

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