Glasses in Paphos

Paphos has a well deserved reputation for decent opticians. You will have plenty of choices, so shop around, and pick up a bargain.

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  • 26322620
  • 11 Arch. Makariou III Str, 8820 Polis, Pafos


  • +357 26 933770
  • Eleftheriou Venizelou 68, Paphos

Eye Contact

  • +357 26 221375
  • Tombs of the Kings Ave, Paphos, Cyprus

George's Optical House

  • +357 26 819070
  • Apostolou Pavlou Ave 26, Paphos 8063, Cyprus


  • 26935333
  • 24-28 Nikodimou Mylona Str, Shop 1, 8046 Pafos

Kyrsof Optical

  • Kennedy Square, Paphos

Mati Mati Opticians


OJO Sunglasses

  • Apostolou Pavlou Avenue Paphos

Savvas Optical

  • +357 26 822299
  • Makariou III Avenue CY 8010, Paphos, Cyprus

Stokkos Optical House

  • +357 26 933403
  • Konstantinou Kanari 47, STOKKOS BLDG, Pafos 8010, Pafos

Elean Opticians 1

  • +357 26 932663
  • Makarios Ave III 8010 Paphos Cyprus

Elean Opticians 2

  • +357 26 220692
  • Paphinia No. 2 - Poseidonas Ave. Seafront, Kato Paphos Cyprus

Elean Opticians 3

  • +357 26 910775
  • Athina Court No. 2 Poseidonas Ave, Seafront Kato Paphos

Elean Opticians 4

  • +357 26 600525
  • Kings Avenue Mall Paphos, Tombs of the Kings Ave., Paphos, Cyprus

V and V Optical 1

  • +357 26 936633
  • 59 Apostolos Pavlos Avenue Kato Paphos Cyprus

V and V Optical 2


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We've long been fans of hunting for exotic crystals in the countryside of Cyprus. Half the fun of it is finding an interesting geological location. But it can also be a lot of hard work. So we thought we would show you it is possible to find some nice crystals with nothing more than a little hammer. They won't win any awards, but they are easy to find, and make a change from looking for shells on the beach...

Pafos Zoo

Paphos region is full of beautiful countryside, interesting villages and historical sites but earlier this week we decided to take our daughter to visit Pafos Zoo.


If you are driving to Troodos on the Kouklia - Dora road, you will pass through Mousere just after Archimandrita. It isn't a very big place, but it is worth a look around, as there are some nice views coupled with some interesting ruins. Plus, the locals are very welcoming...

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Polis Beach took a bit of a battering over the winter months. An unexpected river came for a visit, and left it in a bit of a state. We were curious to see if it was once again beach fit...

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Cyprus marks 45th anniversary of Turkish invasion

Cypriots woke up Saturday to the sound of sirens, marking the 45

The invasion of Cyprus came only five days after the coup engineered by the military junta, then ruling Greece, that toppled the democratically-elected president of Cyprus, the late Archbishop Makarios III.

Hot weather set to return next week

While temperatures have been lower than normal this week, it is time to enjoy the last of the relief as they are set to increase over the weekend with a long spell of very hot weather expected next week.

Weather portal Kitas Weather said that temperatures inland are expected to reach 38C on Saturday, 39C on Sunday and Monday and 40C from Tuesday to Sunday.

Attempt to obstruct turtle protection programme on Polis beach (video)

There were astonishing scenes on a Polis Chrysochous  beach yesterday when the community leader and residents of Argakas attempted to prevent a team from the turtle protection programme from doing their work, Phileleftheros reports.

Two and a half years for man who killed Briton in hit-and-run

The Paphos Criminal Court on Thursday sentenced 35-year-old Demetris Ilidzides to two and a half years in prison for causing the death of father-of-two Robert James (Charlie) Birch, 39, through reckless driving last year in Peyia.