About Us

Elean Opticians are Ophthalmic Opticians. This means we are qualified to prescribe and dispense glasses and contact lenses and to detect eye diseases.

Our Optometrists are also graduates of:

  • City University of London
  • Glasgow Caledonian University of Scotland
  • The Royal United Hospital of Bath
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital
  • M.B.C.O. Member of British College of Optometrists

We also offer:

  • Computerised and Subjective Refraction Testing
  • Tonometry (Glaucoma test)
  • Ophthalmoscopy
  • Orthoptics
  • Low Vision Aids
  • Gas Permeable Lenses
  • Advanced Contact lens Fitting

Our Services
At Elean we can assist you in a number of ways.
Frames and Lenses
To suit all occasions, made to order.

Elean Ophthalmic Opticians offer a huge selection of both designer and non-designer frames at all their branches throughout Paphos.

Visit us at one of our branches to get the best fit and look for you along with unbeatable prices.

We also have many special offers on various frames !

All the best designer eyewear.

Silhouette, Bluemarines, Dior, Calvin Klein, Prada, Chanel, Bvlgari, Lacoste, Jimmy Choo, Roberto Cavalli, Ray Ban, Police, Lindberg, TAG Heuer, Chopard, Fendi, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani...

We can fix it.

We have the tools and the skills to repair your broken frames.

Eye Tests
Look after your eyes

Elean Opticians strive for optimal eye care for all our customers and we are committed to helping our patients see as well as possible by maintaining the highest degree of excellence in ophthalmic care. To this end, we provide eye-testing with the best technology available in Cyprus today in all of our branches in Paphos.

Ear Tests
Look after your ears

How often do you need to get your ears checked? It’s a question most of us probably don’t think about. But if you find yourself straining to hear during conversations, or you have pain or ringing in your ears, it’s definitely time.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday, 9AM - 1PM and 3PM - 6PM (please clarify)

Our Stores
We have four shops in Paphos
Old Town
Makarios Ave III. Just off Kennedy Square.

  • +357 26 932663
  • Makarios Ave III, 8010 Paphos, Cyprus
  • eleanoptik@yahoo.com
Sea Front #1
Paphinia Complex, on the sea front.

  • +357 26 220692
  • Paphinia Complex, Poseidonos Ave, Seafront, Kato Paphos, Cyprus
  • eleanopticians@gmail.com
Sea Front #2
Athina Complex, on the sea front.

  • +357 26 910775
  • Athina Complex, Poseidonos Ave, Seafront, Kato Paphos, Cyprus
  • optomalex@yahoo.co.uk
King's Avenue Mall
First or second floor? And need picture.

  • +357 26 600525
  • King's Avenue Mall, Kato Paphos, Cyprus

How To Find Us

this will have pictures of the shop.
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