Tsada to Mesogi, the Scenic Route

Published 3rd of August, 2021

A few years ago we wrote a blog about the scenic route from Mesogi to Tsada. Well the other day I was filming the route, in reverse, so I thought I would take some new photographs to accompany the film. So here is the scenic route from Tsada to Mesogi.

On The Way


To get to the start of our scenic route to Mesogi, we had to take an even more scenic route to Tsada from Polemi. This is the kind of view we have to tolerate along the way...

The Map


People always ask for maps of the routes we take, or locations of places visited. We always include a link to a map at the foot of the blog, but most people seem to miss them. So for this blog we are including one here too. The route is Insurance Friendly. By this I mean, if you drive down it and get a puncture or have a crash, your insurance should still be valid, as the road you are on is an actual road. It is a little known fact that when you go Off Road you invalidate virtually all insurance policies. This is true even if you rent a 4x4, so check the small print!

Anyway, this route is for people who would like to go off road, but don't want to go against their insurance. The route is bumpy in places, and steep in others. However, you are always driving on an actual road.

Turn Left Here


So, assuming you are heading into Tsada from the direction of Kallepeia, you want to turn left here. If you are coming from the B7 you will need to turn right.

Armou Artery


The road we are on now is a back road to Armou. It also services several hill-top estates. It is a quiet road, but fairly narrow, so drive carefully.

Pretty Villas


There are some very nice villas dotted along the hillside. Indeed, the route we will be taking goes through a lot of vacant plots waiting to be developed in a similar fashion. So who knows what this trip will look like in 10 years time?

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