Cyprus Spring Flowers

Published 2nd of May, 2019

As the sun has finally started to make an appearance, and Cyprus is warming up, we decided to take a proper look at the Spring flowers now adorning the hills and hedgerows of Paphos, before they wilt in the increasing heat...

Back to the Fennel


A good place to start would be the area near Marathounta we blogged about a while ago. The fennel is now past its prime, but what else is growing there?

Rock Roses


There are plenty of rock roses in the area. We saw them over near Smigies Picnic Site too.

Hungry Beetles


The beetles seemed to like the roses.

Cuckoo Spit


This is a fairly common, and annoying, sight in the countryside at the moment. Cuckoo Spit is not actually cuckoo spit, but "a white frothy liquid secreted by the nymphs of a sap-sucking insect known as a froghopper."

All I know is that walking through a field of plants covered in frothy bubbles can be a bit unpleasant.



This pretty thing is an orchid called "Anacamplis pyramidalis". (violet Pyramid orchid)

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