From Kannaviou to Statos

Published 21st of September, 2021

Kannaviou lies at the top end of the Ezousa Valley. The surrounding countryside is ripe for exploring and holds many surprises. This is one of our favourite routes...

Ezousa Valley


We set off from Polemi to get to Kannaviou. This is the view from just past Agios Dimitrianos. We are about to descend into the Ezousa Valley, which is laid out before us like a canvas, waiting for us to paint a story across its pastoral heart. Either that or its a playground waiting for us to explore. It depends what mood you are in I guess. Anyway, Kannaviou Reservoir is on the left and Pano Panagia in the distant hills. We will be going from left to right, below all that.

Open But Not Open


There are a couple of taverns in Kannaviou. I am happy to report that they are open during the important times of day. However, they were closed why we went on our drive (around 4PM).

Ezousa Bridge


For our journey, we take a right turn between the two taverns. It goes over this little bridge.

Dried Up River Bed


Believe it or not, there was a raging torrent through here during the last wet winter. It was great fun, and all the reservoirs were full. We are due a wet winter this year, according to all the sages. I do hope so, as I loved photographing all the water features and I have a new camera that takes great slomo footage.

Nearby Vineyards


The farmland near to civilisation is mainly vineyards, as you would expect around here. As we get more remote later on in the blog, the countryside is mainly used by goats and other cattle.

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