Green Monday Kite Flying

Published 7th of March, 2022

Green Monday is here again, and everybody who is anybody will have been out flying a kite today. Barbecues will have been cooked, and a good time will have been had by all. We took our kites and cameras out to join in the fun.

Thie Green And Pleasant Land


There is a set spot we go to fly a kite on Green Monday. It is on top of the Akamas. We go here because no matter how calm it is elsewhere, it always tends to be a bit breezy here. Today, the weather was OK. There were enough breaks in the cloud to make them interesting, and, above all, it wasn't raining.

Polis View


So, what is Green Monday? It is a Religious Festival. Here is some information I gleaned off the web:

This first day of Great Lent is called "Clean Monday" because Christians should begin the holy season with "clean hearts and good intentions." It is also because the season of Lent is regarded as a time for when Christians should clean up their spiritual house, coming to terms with their lives and rededicating themselves to a more holy and righteous way of living.

Clean Monday is a day of strict fasting. Christians are not allowed to eat from midnight to noon and can have no meat at all. Christians are also expected to spend extra time praying during the day and reading from the Bible.

Because Clean Monday is also considered to mark the first day of spring, Greeks tend to celebrate it with outdoor activities and picnics rather than fasting and prayer. These activities are often called 'koulouma'.

Clean Is Green


In Cyprus, the emphasis is on barbecues and kite flying. It is a very social occasion, as we shall see. We start the blog, however, with some pictures of our own kites, far above the beaches.

Drone Shots


Naturally I took the drone with me, and was able to take snap shots of the kites from the air.

Flying High


We also made a short film, which you can see in a few pages.

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