Exploring Paphos In The Rain - Part 2

Published 16th of January, 2022

In the second half of my recent excursion into the wet Paphos countryside, I go valley hopping through Xeros and Ezousa, become re-acquainted with an abandoned village, and end up scrabbling through mud at a waterfall I hadn't seen before, tucked away behind the church in Choulou.

Xeros Valley


We finished the first half of this article in Saramiou. From there we drove towards Paphos, turning right at the sign pointing to Sinti Monastery. This road takes us into Xeros Valley.

Distant Sinti Monastery


That's Sinti Monastery, there. Last year there was a fire in the area. It is nice to see that the landscape around it is obviously recovering. The monastery is a lovely place to visit, but I won't be going here today, for reasons which will soon become clear.

No Road


When the road gets to the Xeros River there is no bridge. Well there is, but it isn't very functional. The Venetians would look at this and laugh. There is a sign here warning people not to cross when the water is too high. So I decided to get out and check it for myself.

Not Too Bad


The water is flowing fairly rapidly, but it's not too deep. So I shall give it a go. What I can't do though, is take the road to Sinti Monastery. That is a stone track, that runs behind where I am standing. Its course is now submerged by the water, and while I don't have an issue crossing the ford, there's no way I am going to try and drive across a river bed.

Nothing To It


If you are unsure when you get to a situation like this, it is always best to check first. It is better to retrace your steps than get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

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