Exploring Paphos In The Rain - Part 1

Published 13th of January, 2022

Recently I've been going stir-crazy waiting for the rains to abate enough for me to go out and do some exploring. Well, after yet another yellow alert I finally decided to just drive off into the rain and take my chances. As it was, I had a great time revisiting old haunts and finding some new surprises...

Prastio Waterfall


First on the agenda was the waterfall between Avdimou and Prastio. Somebody had posted footage showing that it had turned into a glorious chocolate fountain. We had seen a similar effect at the Water Treatment Plant near Asprokremmos Reservoir, so I was keen to have a look. I don't know the area that well though, so wasn't sure where the waterfall was.

I drove down to the Avdimou junction on the Paphos-Limassol motorway and headed inland.

Waterfall Valley


It turns out that the waterfall is just to the left of the main road, heading inland. You drive through Avdimou towards Prastio and Pachna, and you can't miss the steep-sloped valley. You might be tempted to pull in as soon as you see it, but wait until you have passed the crest. You can turn then into a series of roads around some houses, and park there. This is what people were doing when I visited, anyway.

Vantage Points


When you park your car, head off through the fields. I made the mistake of heading directly to where I thought the waterfall would be. The path I was on ran out, and I found myself facing a row of people on the other side of a gorge. It made for a nice picture, but I couldn't see anything from here. So I retraced my steps, and headed towards them instead.

Warning Sign


When you drive past the valley, there is a sign pointing to Prastio Waterfall. Other than that, this was the only sign I saw that indicated there might be something of interest around.

Needless to say, the sign was completely ignored by everybody. That's not strictly true. Nobody was running near here, so I guess it does at least alert people to the sudden drops.

Route Map


Before I get any further, this is the map of the route I took. I will cover all this in two blogs. In this one we go from Avdimou to Salamiou, visiting Trozena and Kelefos Bridge along the way.

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