Droushia Rocks In Spring

Published 19th of January, 2022

Droushia in springtime is always a treat. The green grass provides a lovely contrast to the rocky landscape. A few days ago we were driving through, and thought we would check up on the helmet...

Hard Core


We got to our favourite rock outcrop to find that lots of rubble had appeared in front of us. Hopefully, they are making a carpark here. It can get very muddy so it would make sense. Or perhaps it is something to do with the building work going on down the road? I do hope it hasn't just been dumped there.

Spring Blooms


Walking through the undergrowth, it was nice to see the spring flowers beginning to bloom.

Daisy Daisy


It's too early for more exotic fayre like orchids, but the humble daisy is in abundance.



I think this little beauty is called Romulea. I googled "purple wildflower cyprus" and got lots of pictures labelled "purple flower".

The Helmet


And here is the helmet itself, looking just as magnificent as the last time we were here. This was good to see, as I had a bit of a shock on the way here.

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