Below Kritou Tera

Published 9th of August, 2020

A chance diversion from a scenic route home brought us to write this blog. This is what we love so much about Cyprus. You only need to take a left instead of a right, see where you end up, and take the time to have a look around. Adventure and wonder are just around the corner. And kittens.

Turn Here


If you drive up the B7 from Polis, you will pass through the village of Goudi. After this, on the right, you might notice an impressive gorge disappearing into the undergrowth. Today we are investigating this a little bit, so take the road signposted Choli. Please note though, that the picture shows the turning heading from the direction of Stroumpi. Coming downhill, you turn left here.

Interesting Bridge


Until this trip, I hadn't even registered that there was a bridge here, and quite a big one at that.

Old Road


There is also an abandoned bridge (not Venetian!) which presumably was the old Polis Road.

Cherry Picking Photographs


Just past the bridge we stumbled upon this. It turns out to be an abandoned Cherry Picker. Who abandons one of these? It must have been worth something at some point. Now it is just a practice canvas for local taggers. However, while we were photographing this, we couldn't help but notice some rather odd bird-like noises, coming from the undergrowth.

Miaow Mix


It turned out that it wasn't birds, but a bunch of kittens who were living in a hole in a tree. Their mother was nowhere to be found. We took some pictures, and left them some food and a bit of water in a tray. I don't think they had just been dumped there, because it was actually a good spot to bring up a family of kittens. Plus there was a river nearby, so if anybody wanted to get rid of some kittens that would have been a far quicker route. So on that basis, we left them to it. figuring the mother would be back in a while, as soon as we had left.

Don't worry though, we shall return to the kittens at the end of the blog.

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