The Asprokremmos Reservoir Is Filling Up!

Published 6th of February, 2022

For a time the overflow of the Asprokremmos appeared to be a Septennial event, but thanks to a very wet January it looks like it might be overflowing ahead of schedule. The other day I went to the dam to assess the chances of witnessing another watery spectacle...

Nearly Full


As you can see, it is nearly full. There are still a few days to go yet though. According to the latest figures availble, from the 4th February, it is now at 95.5% capacity.

Tourist Attraction


When the dam overflows, it is a bit of a tourist attraction. Already stalls have been set up, and coach parties are turning up to view the nearly-full reservoir.

A More Familiar View


For much of the time, the view from the top of the dam is more like this. When the reservoirs are nearly empty, it is hard to imagine them ever filling up. The same was true of Evretou Reservoir. I remember viewing the overgrown overflow and thinking that they must have built it way too high (it is separate from the dam itself). But when it rains in Cyprus, it can really rain. And once the ground has absorbed all the water it can, the reservoirs soon start to fill up.

Snack Stands


Lets go and see what goodies will be available.

Donut Balls


Loukoumades are a firm favourite in Cyprus. Basically they are deep-fried balls of dough. You have to try them at least once if you visit.

What I didn't see yet, was anywhere selling Koupes. Somebody mentioned that they had bought some really delicious ones here the last time the dam overflowed, so I was on the lookout for them. No luck yet.

And if you have never had Koupes, they are another must-try food. They look like a breaded sausage. The crust is made of bulgur wheat, flour, oil, salt, spices and onion and stuffed with ground meat, lots of onions, parsley and spices. Delicious!

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