Paralimni Square

Published 13th of August, 2022

Paralimni has a lovely square in its centre that is full of history. We visited it a couple of weeks ago, and found not one but three Churches vying for our attention. One of them was over 700 years old. Coupled with some nice cafes and plenty of shade-providing trees, they provide a perfect place to visit when you are on holiday in the East of the Island.

The Main Church


According to Google, the main church is Eastern Orthodox, and the name translates as Holy Metropolis of Constantia- Famagusta. When I first drove through the Square I thought this was the only Religious Building. But if you park up and walk around you will be in for a surprise.



Before you enter the church, take some time looking at the grounds. There is a memorial and lots of places for seating.

Agios Georgios


So let's go into the church, and have a look. Agios Georgios is a very common name for churches in Cyprus. This is probably because St George was Greek.



The interior of the church is full of beautiful murals. Unlike some churches in Cyprus there are still some white spaces on the walls.

Look Up!


Not on the ceiling though. The underside of the dome is magnificent.

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