Paphos Carnival 2018

Published 18th of February, 2018

Carnival was postponed for a day at the last minute this year. It was an inspired decision. Instead of a washout, Cyprus basked in sunshine, and Paphos partied...

Before The Fun Starts


I arrived at just after 2PM. The road was roped off, and towards the port the crowds were gathering. I wanted to set up camp just past Pingouino's though. That is on a slope and I figured I would get a better picture of the carnival as it came down the hill.


Luckily I was able to find a tree's shadow to stand under. It was very warm for February!

Costumes Abound


You didn't need to take part in the carnival in order to dress up. Loads of kids (and adults!) took the opportunity for a bit of fancy dress.

Nice Ears!


Banana Man is Late


It's not every day that a man can walk up a pavement dressed as a banana without anybody staring.

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