The 7th Paphos Classic Vehicle Show

Published 23rd of May, 2022

Last Sunday there was a special event in Paphos. The 7th Classic Vehicle Show took place down at the Harbour. We went down to have a look and marvel at some beautiful machines.

Dry But Cloudy


Paphos Harbour is an ideal size for a car show. Cars can line each side giving people plenty of room to walk up and down admiring the vehicles. And it wasn't just cars. There was a decent display of bikes as well.

Begin At The Beginning


But I am getting ahead of myself, which is a mistake. Let's take in the main banner, nicely positioned in front of the fort.

Classic Ford


I walked around the show in a clockwise direction, as did most people. I wonder, do left handed people have a tendancy to go in an anti-clockwise direction? Or if I was south of the Equator, would the Coriolis Effect kick in and have us all marching anti-clockwise, in which case we would get to see the bikes near the start?



I have to wonder stuff like this, because I know very little about cars. They've never really interested me as a child, and I didn't learn to drive until my Thirties. This was because I lived in London during my Twenties, and relied on Public Transport or my bicycle to get around. Owning a car would have been a hindrance.

But this also means that when I did eventually take lessons, and my work colleagues asked me what car I had my lesson in, I could only reply "A red one".

A Red Car


Not this one though! So, anyway, I made a film and took a lot of pictures, but don't expect any fanboi comments more in-depth than "Ooooo shiny car".

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