Old Town 2022 Update - Part 1

Published 8th of June, 2022

Paphos is changing! Don't take our word for it though. Take a walk with us around Old Town, and see what's going on. In the first part we concentrate on the area around the Indoor Market, which is undergoing something of a face lift.

Moutallos Mosque


We shall begin our walk behind the mosque in Moutallos. We are starting here because there is a nice big carpark which is normally fairly empty.

Chilling Cats


The carpark also plays host to one of the feeding stations of the Paphos Cat Lady. So it is a good place to see moggies, especially around feeding time.

It's A Hard Life


If you look closely at the cat you will see that it has a little nick on its ear. This indicates that it is a feral cat that has been neutered by a vet. TNR (Track, Neuter, Release) is vital if the feral cat population is to be kept under control. Don't automatically assume that any cat without the nick has not yet been done though. When vets neuter domestic cat they often leave the ears alone.

Spring Blooms


Though the weather is hotting up there is still plenty of colour around. This house is to the left of a new lane that runs from the main Old Town road to the Mosque carpark. You should drive up this if you want to park here, as the older turn further up is now one way.

End Of The Rainbow


Across the road from the mosque we came across the first of many artisan shops selling a variety of art and crafts. We will return to this gentleman later.

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