Old Paphos in 2021 - Part 7

Published 3rd of May, 2021

In the seventh and final part of our tour of Old Paphos, we return from the Muse Restaurant to the Town Hall, via Ivis Maliotou Park. Come with us one final time as we wander through the leafy glades.

The Muse Car Park


There are a wealth of footpaths dotted around Old Paphos, and if you get acquainted with them you can get from A to B a lot more quickly than you might think. Look to the left as you walk through the car park.

See Part 6 of the Tour

Axiothea Hotel


There is an alley here, that takes you down to the main road that runs through Old Paphos. There is also a rather nice hotel on the left.

Water Feature


Opposite the hotel there is a nice little water feature.

Another Path


If you take this path it leads to Ivis Maliotou Park. There are other entrances to the park though, so we shall continue on down for now.

Graffiti or Art?


As mentioned previously, the alley leads down to the main road, which you can see on the left. There is some graffiti on the wall here, which raises an interesting question. Over the last six parts of this tour, we've shown you numerous murals drawn by Street Artists. So what makes the images you see here graffiti, as opposed to Street Art? The cat head has a certain artistic quality about it, but the writing on the right looks unfinished. I do know one thing for certain though. The tags you see dotted around town that consist of just a few letters and must have taken all of five seconds to paint, are nothing more than vandalism.

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