Old Paphos in 2021 - Part 3

Published 10th of April, 2021

It's time for Part 3 of our tour of Old Paphos in 2021. In this episode, we meet the girl with the bird, say hello to the bear in the air, and explore some of the more industrialised quarters of the Old Town.

In The Beginning...


We are starting in the car park below the bus stop, like we did in Part 1. This time though, I have remembered to get a parking ticket. It only costs a euro for four hours. Today we are headed up this lift, to explore what lies to the right of the main road through Old Paphos.

See Part 2 of the Tour

New Loos!


To the right of the lifts, there are some public loos. They are new, and in decent condition. I mention this because in the past, a criticism of Old Paphos was the lack of toilet facilities. There was a block in the main carpark, but to be frank, they were a bit grim. That block has been knocked down now, so it is important people know where they can spend a penny!

There is a disabled toilet here too.

Turkish Bath View


Hmmm. I shouldn't start a blog talking about toilets. It will put people off. So let's have a look at the view once you get out of the lift. The weather was fairly dusty when we went on this walk. The dust originated in Mount Etna, apparently. This makes a change from the Sahara.

Old Friend


This girl needs no introduction to most of you. The statue used to show a girl with several sparrows. You can see them if you look at the panorama shot via the blue link. Unfortunately, thieves kept nicking most of the sparrows. At one time they were replaced with a pigeon, but that too got swiped.

Like the girl with the hoop we saw in Part 1, this sculpture is the work of Yiota Ioannidou.

Caffe Nero


The girl is right next to Caffe Nero, and across from the Old Post Office.

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