Old Paphos in 2021 - Part 2

Published 4th of April, 2021

In Part 2 of our tour of Old Paphos, we move from Ibrahim's Khan through some shops and restaurants to the Moutallos Mosque, before returning to the original starting location we left in Part 1.

For Absent Friends


We start the second part of our tour of Old Paphos on a sad note. If you recall from Part 1, we had just left Ibrahim's Khan and were heading right to the Square you see here. For the last four years, this Square was dominated by a fantastic mural which adorned the walls above Hermanos. Ready by the artist Millo was a wonderful creation that delighted visitors from all around the world. Unfortunately, the owners of the building needed to do repair work, and it has recently been painted over. As I said in the first part of this tour, these murals will not be around forever, so appreciate them now while you still can.

And if you missed the first part of the tour, you won't know that blue underlined words are links to our companion site, OldPafos.com. If you click on them you will see a panoramic shot of the location in question. So you will at least be able to see what it used to look like.

See Part 1 of the Tour

Towards The Living Wall


Ok, set let's get our bearings. If we go down there we will be back at the Living Wall. Ibrahim's Khan is to our left, and Moutallos Mosque our right. This is where we shall be heading towards.

The Opposite Direction


Before we head that way though, this shot shows you the other route from this square. Ibrahim's Khan is to the right of this. Our walking route will double back and we will be getting to the shops up there in due course.

Open Shops


As we said in the first part of this tour, there are a lot of shops open in Old Paphos, and they are just crying out for your custom. This gift shop looks like it has plenty of stock too, judging by all the boxes in the first floor window.

Indeed, I returned here a couple of days after we took these shots, pushing our daughter around in a wheelchair. She broke her leg a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I would take her around Old Paphos. I am happy to report that it is easy to get a wheelchair around here now. I do have a plea to make to drivers though. Please don't park your car on the pavement. It is not there for your car. It is there for people. If you park on the pavement somebody in a wheelchair cannot get past. This makes you a jackass. So don't do it.

Oh, and our daughter got a nice gift from this shop for her mum. And the shopkeeper was very pleased to have a customer. We even chatted a bit about Polemi. Hello again, if you are reading this!

The Place


Unfortunately this shop wasn't open though. I wanted to have a look around inside.

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