Old Paphos in 2021 Part 5

Published 18th of April, 2021

In Part 5 of our 2021 tour of Old Paphos, we are starting at the Old Power House and making our way through the upper reaches of the area, before returning to the car park and bus station. Expect to see many fascinating sights along the way, along with some more lovely murals. And pumpkins.

Spic 'n' Span


Right, we have just left Palia Ilecktriki. Opposite from us, you get a loverly example of just how nice a renovated Old Paphos looks. There are lots of little paths dotted around the place, which link the various streets and walkways. This particular one leads down to the Round Table courtyard we showed you in Part 4.

`See Part 4 of the Tour

Scrubs Up Well


Indeed, that round plaque is just down there, on the wall below those railings.

Turn Left Here


This road leads into a square, beyond which lies the Markideio Theatre. We are heading in that direction, but are going to zig zag a bit to check out some more murals. So take the alley to the left here.

This Way


The alley leads back to Arch Makariou III Avenue. We turn right when we get there.

A Familiar Location


If you are following the previous blogs you will know where we are. We came up this way and turned right a while ago. This time we will go down it and turn left.

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