Old Paphos in 2021 - Part 4

Published 14th of April, 2021

In part 4 of our tour of Old Paphos, we explore the area around Kennedy Square, check out some murals and see some of the renovations that might have escaped the casual observer's eye.

Agios Kendeas


If you recall from Part 3, we had just walked past the main church in Old Town. We shall visit it again on this tour, so don't worry about exploring it at the moment. If you have missed the previous episode, use the button below.

See Part 3 of the Tour

Go This Way


We are heading back towards Bear In The Air. We turn left at the junction ahead, but before you do, take a look to your right.

Another Mural


As ever, if you see a blue link it refers you to a panoramic shot of the relevent picture from our sister site, OldPafos.com. Cementography Mural 2

The second chapter in the story of Arodafnousa, as told by Cementography murals around the Old Town.

The queen sends her slaves to fetch the girl: "Up and away Arofnousa, the queen wants you."

Arodafnousa then got dressed with pearls and golden fabrics and went to the queen's tower.

Down Here


I guess a lot of offices must be tucked away in the buildings around here. There are lots of cars parked on the roads and car parks, but the shop fronts themselves seem mainly deserted.

Turn Left Here


Ok, so this particular area isn't the most salubrious, but we are only passing through.

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