A New Paphos Park Is Being Created

Published 2nd of February, 2022

It was announced some time ago that various new parks were being built around Paphos. One of them is behind the main Papantoniou's Supermarket in the heart of Paphos. Today I was down there buying cat food, so I had a nose around to see how they were getting on...

View From Above


I first noticed that progress had been made when I was looking at a satellite image of the area using Google Maps. I had been uploading images to Google Street View and was checking up on their somewhat haphazard progress. I noticed that these round structures had appeared, and they looked suitably mysterious. So I resolved to check it out next time I was in town.

Back Of Paps


Our four rescued kittens are now cats, and need food. So I came to Paps to get some. Once back at the car, I drove to the rear of the supermarket and had a look around. This is the view back to the road.

Building Site


Directly in front of me was this building site. There was an interesting windmill on the other side, and a portaloo, but that was about it. If you are a regular visitor to the Eastern side of the island, you wouldn't find the windmill that interesting, as they are all over the place around Ayia Napa and Protaras. But on the West they are something of a novelty.

Behind Paps


I was tempted to enter the building site, as it appeared to be more of a carpark than anything else. But one of the many signs said No Entry, so I decided to wander down to the back of Paps instead.

New Landscape


Looking over the wall that runs around Paps, I could see that work was definitely progressing. This is going to look nice!

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