Troodos Winter Wonderland

Published 1st of January, 2022

A few days ago I drove up to Troodos to take some pictures of the snow that had recently fallen. As well as my action cam I took my drone, so I was able to get some aerial shots and film showing the mountain in all its beauty. In this blog I describe the experience.

Sun Valley Car Park


I started my winter adventure at the car park of Sun Valley Ski Resort. This is where we always go, as we know we can get easy access to the toboggan run. I guess one day I may venture to the other slopes, but I like it here. Also, it is handy knowing the area, so that when the fun of being out in the snow inevitably wears off, I can make a bee-line to the warm of my car in the shortest possible time.

The Resort


Now, I shall be the first to say that as resorts go, it is a bit spartan. But as the saying goes, in the Country of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King. So I paid Cyclops a visit and bought some provisions. Well, a twix and a bottle of water. I am happy to report that there was no price gouging goine on.

To The Slopes


The twix lasted about 20 seconds, after which I headed towards the slopes.

Ski Lessons To Come


It is nice to know that you can get training here if you want it. Not today though, as none of the lifts were operational. I went skiing a few times many years ago, but these days I am content with a couple of toboggan rides before I decide that I prefer not being quite so cold and damp.

Pretty Trees


I had been worried when I drove up here that there wouldn't be much snow, but I wasn't disappointed. I should point out that I made this trip just before Christmas Day. I just checked the webcam and it looks like there is still a good bit of snow up there. If you plan a visit you should check the Press for conditions first though.

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