Winter Wonderland 2020

Published 18th of January, 2020

It's time for our annual trip to the Troodos Ski Slopes, to have our winter snowball fight and partake in a bit of tobogganing. We've already published a film of the drive, so here are a selection of pictures that we took when we got there...

Toboggan Time!


That's what it's all about. Sliding down a steep slope on a sheet of plastic that cost less than €2 from Super Home Store.

Park Here


To get to the toboggan run, we parked by Sun Valley Olympos Cafe and Restaurant. You can hire ski equipment here too, should your expectations be higher than plastic trays. If you are wondering where this place actually is, look at the Related Pages section at the foot of this blog. Top of the list is a link to a map showing the exact location.

Snow-Laden Trees


In an ideal world, all the trees would look like this. It looks very pretty. However, such snow tends to melt fairly quickly so don't expect every tree to be so adorned unless they have had a very recent snow shower.

To The Piste


From what I can make out, there are two areas for "official" skiing up here. The quotes are because people do go off-piste, as we have seen on our drives. Of the two locations, we chose this one because it has a toboggan run. The other location, with the chair lift, is more catered for skiers, though they have runs here too.

Eddie The Eagle?


I did make a film of people skiing up here. However, when I watched it, I have to say it wasn't very interesting viewing. Nobody fell over, and nobody zoomed past at 100 miles an hour. Decades of watching ski sunday have spoiled me when it comes to skiing footage. Not only that, but as my 360 camera is an action camera, I am used to seeing clips filmed by skiers performing all sorts of acrobats. So I have opted not to do another film. However, if you are on Instagram, you can see a timelapse film Alex recorded showing the bottom of the ski slope. Search paphos_life to find us.

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