Festive Santas Around Paphos

Published 15th of December, 2016

This is the first Christmas we have spent at Paphos. We had wondered how they would celebrate the festive season compared to the UK. The first thing we noticed was that unlike Britain, Christmas doesn't start until December in Paphos. This is a refreshing change, and understandable given the warm November! Now that the run-up to Christmas is in full swing though, we thought we would record the various Santas we saw spotted about the place. Later on there will be a prize for the first person who can tell us where all the Santas are located. But for now, let's just put them on display...

This Santa looks a bit Pensive


This one looks relatively new. Perhaps the nearby carwashes have been keeping him spruced up?

Hard Working Santa


This Santa has certainly seen some action. Perhaps he has sampled too much of the wine in one of the nearby breweries?

This is One Scary Snowman!


For some reason, this reminds us of one of the villains in the old James Bond classic "Diamonds Are Forever".

Staring Santa


This Santa obviously can't make up his mind whether he should go shopping or watch the rugby...

Waving Santa


You can't tell from the angle this picture was taken at, but this Santa is waving at you as you enter Paphos. He also appears to have a full sack of booty too.

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