The Pomos Coastline

Published 31st of December, 2021



I like the Heart statue down there. Is it a Christmas Decoration or there all year round?

If you walk down those steps, Dragon Cave will be right behind you. It is quite impressive if you are there in person. I took some 360 shots down there a couple of years ago. I imagine in rough seas it is a place to avoid, but during the summer especially the caves and the beach next to them are a great place to visit.

Gloomy Coastline


If I made this film during the summer it would look completely different. Unless you like moody landscapes this isn't showing the place off in its best light. This is probably why I am publishing this blog on New Year's Eve. Traditionally, most people are out and about today, getting ready to party. TV on New Years Eve is invariably, to put it bluntly, shit. So it wouldn't make sense to publish an article with mass appeal today.

Don't get me wrong though, I don't think these pictures are bad, but I don't think they will appeal to a very wide audience. People planning a holiday aren't likely to be perusing the internet today, so this is really just for my hard core of readers who like the more out-of-the-way places and aren't just interested in the Hotel areas.

And I shall do the mass-appeal article tomorrow, to give you something nice to look at while you are nursing your hangovers.

Gloomy Beach


Ok, so imagine this beach here with lots of green vegetation behind it. It looks amazing. Trust me.

Towards Pachyammos


In 2022 we finally aim to finish our 3rd road trip, which covers the coast between Kato Pyrgos and Polis. If you have half the fun with that we have had making it you will be in for a real treat. The Pomos coast is one of Cyprus' hidden jewels.

Lots of Steps


If you watch the film you will see the steps along this coastline that I mentioned. That's on the next page!

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