The Paphos to Polis Motorway - Part 1

Published 29th of September, 2019

Map 1


This shows where the new motorway will leave the A6.

Photo Map 1


This map shows where we were standing when we took the relevent pictures. The number will appear at the bottom left of each picture, so you will get a better idea of what you are looking at.

Before We Begin


This picture shows the motorway directly after the proposed junction, which will be sited to the left of the ridge the motorway turns in front of.

Junction Site


This is pretty much in the middle of the proposed junction, looking towards the sea.

Existing Track


There is an existing track that goes from here to Marathounta. In the winter we did a blog about dam building, showing a road that had been washed away. This is the same road, but further up. According to the plan, the motorway will run just to the right of this picture. This makes sense, as you would want to avoid the valley floor, for obvious reasons.

Incidentally, you can still get to Marathounta from here. The road in the valley has just been rerouted. Cypriots are very good at maintaining these routes.

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