The Twelve Churches of Polemi

Published 19th of December, 2020

A while ago we reviewed a new map book on Cyprus. We noted that it showed a lot of churches in Polemi that we were unaware of. Many of them are in ruins now, but we thought they deserved to be seen. So join us as we visit them all, or at least, what's left of them.

The All Important Map


Ok, let's look at the map. We already knew that Polemi, like a lot of villages in Cyprus, has a few churches. The big one in the centre is called Panayia Chrysokatholiki. There is another nearby called Profitis Elias. The remainder are harder to find. Indeed, a lot of them are no longer standing. The map highlights the churches we have never seen, though we should add to that list Ayios Mamas.

In this journey, we shall start on the right of the map, at Ayia Marina, and work our way to Ayia Marina of the far left. We shall then head up the B7 towards Sroumpi, before turning right and heading back into Polemi. We will finish up by heading to Ayios Yeorgios at the top of the map.

At 12 pages, this is a rather large blog. It is worth reading to the end though, as we include some drone footage of the skies above Polemi at the end. And there's even a little 360 panorama tour. So read to the end.

Ayia Marina


Oh, one other thing. We reproduce the map on a couple more pages in the blog, for your convenience.

Inside Ayia Marina


We passed Ayia Marina in another blog, a few years ago. It is on the way to Polemi's Crystal Hills. In truth, since writing that blog, we have discovered that there are an awful lot of crystal hills in this part of Paphos. But at the time, it was a novelty!

Polemi Countryside


There will be a number of nice view in this blog. We had great fun making it, as we went down lots of little farm tracks we would never otherwise have used. It was like when we first moved here, where every trip was a new adventure.

New Beginnings


Next to the little church, is this rather large half-build house. We couldn't resist having a bit of a look.

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