Paphos Walkway renovations - July Update

Published 18th of July, 2023

Work In Progress...


It is worth noting that while this area is still not finished, it would be possible to let people walk here. I noticed when I filmed Venus Beach and Tomb of the Kings the other day that people could still walk along the path. If they could get this walkway into such a state soon then I am sure people would be less critical of it being closed. Mind you, I guess having it closed has meant that they have been able to perform the work more quickly, so it is swings and roundabouts.

Finished Path?


This section, indeed virtually all of the actual path, now looks complete.

Another Viewpoint


They still need to finish off this viewpoint, which I assume will look like the other one we just saw. Other than that though, the majority of the remaining work seems to be at the castle.

Ancient Wall


I managed to get a better shot of part of the ancient city wall they uncovered during the work. From what I read it is around 4 - 5m deep, which is a big wall!

Lighthouse Beach Renovations


Finally we have a view of Lighthouse Beach. They are doing some renovations there as well, though the car park is still accessible.

If you are missing your daily walk, take some consolation that unless you are down here at 7AM, it is far too hot to walk along it at the moment anyway!

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