Paphos Walkway renovations - July Update

Published 18th of July, 2023

Early last Sunday we went to Paphos Harbour to do some filming. This included a drone flight over the walkway renovations. I was surprised to see that the workers were hard at it, even at 7AM on a Sunday morning. So please, if you look at these pictures, don't try and claim that nothing is being done. This is simply not the case. Come see for yourself...

Paphos Castle


So yes, at 7AM on Sunday morning I could hear the sounds of the building site emanating from behind the barriers by Paphos Castle. I have no idea what it will look like when it is finished, but so far the track record for finished work has been excellent.



Your guess is as good as mine. But anyhow, let's see what is happening further along the path.

Finished Product


I had wondered what this was going to be, and guessed at a kiosk. I can now see it is one of those selfieframes, presumably to be used for taking a nice shot of the sunset. I like having the flower in the scene.



This bit now looks complete.

At The Point


This area now looks like it is going to be a park / rest area.

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