Paphos Seafront Walkabout

Published 21st of September, 2023

Following on from our Sunday Morning Stroll around Paphos Harbour, we have now turned our attention to the Sea Front. Starting at the municipal Baths end, we walk back towards the Harbour taking in the tranquil beauty that is Paphos Sea Front on a glorious late summer's day.



We begin our adventure today next to the Lifeguard Station at the eastern end of the Sea Front. Even the mother of the carpenter who erected that platform would have to admit that it has seen better days. So when the lifeguards were complaining earlier in the year, about the facilities, you can certainly see their point of view.

Hotel Annabelle


The sunbeds at the rear end of the Hotel Annabelle are looking quite tempting. It's a bit too early in the day for them to be occupied though.

Yes, It's A Blue Flag


Believe it or not, but this little area is actually a Blue Flag Beach. It is important to note that the blue flag status is not just about the ease with which a sand castle can be erected. Other factors such as quality of water and facilities are taken into account. The waters around the whole of Cyprus, and especially Paphos, are very clear. The piles of seaweed you see dumped during the winter storms are a testament to this. They consist of sea grass remains, which only flourish in clean water.

This is also a great spot for snorkelling if the sea is calm.

Aerial View


And don't forget, in this little mini-series, we have drone footage as well as the usual camera shots. So you get a selection of pictures normally destined for our daily Kalimera posts on Facebook as well. In this shot you can see the waves that make up the floor design by the outdoor gym. Behind them, a row of seating / flowerpots has also been added.

Potty Time


Let's take a closer look at those flower pots. I am pleased to note that they have also made provisions for bins. You can see one behind the third ring from the front. Between each ring there is more seating. I saw these round rocks up behind the restaurants at the harbour, way back in winter. I wondered at the time where they would end up. Now we know.

The rings will soon no doubt be full of soil and plants, like their counterparts at the harbour.

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