Paphos Sea-Front Gym

Published 13th of July, 2022

Some new gym equipment has been added to Paphos Sea Front, near the Municipal Baths and the Changing Rooms. We took our cameras down to have a look. We also had a quick look at Tea For Two, to see how they were coping since the recent accident.

Early One Morning


During the Summer months, life in Paphos starts early in the morning. We came down to the Sea Front at about 7:30, and it was already buzzing. Indeed, I had to park a fair bit up the road and walk down to the Municipal Baths.



On the way down we passed Pingouino's, which is one of our favourite eateries in the Harbour Area.

Trouble At Tea For Two


Tea For Two was in the news recently because the roof overhang collapsed, injuring four people. They appear to be busy getting it back in shape. Indeed, the left hand of the restaurant is still open for business. So if you are in the area, pop in for a bite to eat or drink and give them some support!

To The Gym


And here is the new gym equipment! A lady is on the Exercse Bike, but all the other exercise machines are free. From my point of view this is a good thing, as I will be able to photograph everything without getting in people's way. People might not appreciate pictures of them getting sweaty on gym equipment, so the quieter it is the better. This is often the way with my articles. There are laws surrounding publication of pictures, and people's privacy. Consequently I try to avoid people shots as much as possible, especially when they are not in public areas. Close-ups of people on a beach would be problematic for instance.

Towards The Sea Front


We now have the area to ourselves, so I can get some close-ups of the equipment.

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