Paphos Sea-Front Gym

Published 13th of July, 2022



I first heard of this new gym yesterday, when the Mayor published some photos. I shared them on Facebook, with mixed results. Some people really liked them, but there was a minority who were dead against. It never ceases to amaze me how negative some people can be about everything. I'm just glad I have a more positive attitude. One such "complaint" was that the equipment wouldn't stand the winter storms. Well, if you look at this Steps machine, it isn't like one in a gym. For a start, there are no electronics, or LED displays. That's because it is built to be outside.

Hot Handles?


Another moan was that the metal would get too hot, but if you look, there are nicely padded hand holds. Besides, these will get used most in the early morning and evening. And not only that, but, during the Autumn, Winter and Summer months, it isn't actually that hot.

Exercise Bike


The Exercise Bike is definitely designed for outdoor use. It will be easy to clean, too.

Hot Metal?


At first glance you might think that this is metal, and liable to get hot. However, it is coated with something which I presume will stay cooler than metal. I haven't felt it at midday, but I can assure you that at 7:30 AM it was not hot in the slightest.

So stop going on about it...

Rowing Machine?


I didn't try out the equipment, which in hindsight was a mistake. One thing that does puzzle me is whether there is a means of adjusting the kit. For instance, would I be able to make this harder to row? If you cannot, then I presume it is set to some happy medium. I understand why there might not be such a feature, as it would be a potential point of failure. These are designed for outdoor use and they will want to keep failure points to a minimum.

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