A Paphos November Storm

Published 30th of November, 2023

Every winter Paphos gets hit by a number of gales and storms. You would think we would be used to them by now, but nevertheless, when they arrive they are always a big event. During the last storm I visited most of the beaches along the Southern Paphos Coast, to show you what they looked like when the sun isn't shining.

Geroskipou Beach


I have already published a film of my adventures, and have included a link to it at the end of this article. A number of people asked me about some of the beaches. We have a Beaches directory on our website, that contains photos, information and virtual tours, so I will provide links to the relevent entry as the article progresses.

Information on Geroskipou Beach

St Nicholas Chapel Area


This is the beach by St Nicholas Chapel. You can see that an awful lot of seaweed has been washed ashore. Don't worry though, it will be removed before next holiday season.

St Nicholas Chapel


As we were by the chapel it would be rude not to include a picture of it.

Pachyammos Beach


Pachyammos Beach is behind the Louis Imperial Beach Resort. Normally it is great for families with small children. Not today though!

Does anybody know why Pachyammos Beach is so-called? There is a village on the North Coast called Pachyammos, and that has its own beach. So why does this one share the same name?

Information on Pachyammos Beach

Municipal Beach


Next to Pachyammos Beach there is a municipal beach, and big parking area. Beyond that there is a small jetty, which always takes a battering when the gales blow.

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