Stormy Seafront Scenes

Published 29th of April, 2023

They're removed all the fencing at the Sea Front! You can now walk along it unfetered, but if you try to do so today you would do well to bring a brolly with you. I ventured out to film it...

Towards The Harbour


As I arrived it was just beginning to rain. All these people are about to get wet. But you can see from this shot that there is now no fencing next to the sea. Instead it has moved to the Archaeological Park Car Park, where presumably they are doing some more work.

No Fence


And not only that, but it has been removed all the way along the Sea Front.

Run For Cover!


At this point I had to play Find The Umbrella. This proved harder than I had originally thought. I did however eventually locate a kiosk that sold them for a very reasonable €5.99


I had hoped to make a nice little film showing how lovely the Sea Front looked without its metallic girdle. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas.

This is the film. There are some more shots overleaf though, so don't forget to see them too!

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