The Paphos To Chloraka Walkway

Published 9th of November, 2023

A couple of weeks ago I tried doing the new Coast Walk from the Castle to Venus Beach, but was unable to do so because of the ongoing renovation work. After reports floated down that the work was complete, I decided to give it another go. This time I make it all the way to Chloraka, though I did have to go off piste a couple of times.

New Bins!


I am not going to spend too much time on the first part of the walk, as I have already covered the route from Paphos Castle to the Lighthouse Beach, and Lighthouse to Venus Beach in previous articles. However, a common criticism of the walkway up until now has been the lack of bins. So you will no doubt be pleased to find that bins are currently being installed. Here is one of them.

Lighthouse Beach


The cafe at the Lighthouse Beach is now open again, though the floor is missing save for a narrow walkway. A temporary seating area has been set up on the beach though.

Beach Volleyball


I did this walk early Sunday Morning. I was filming the route with two cameras. The main one was a 360 camera, which I then uploaded to Google Street View. So in a day or two you will be able to take a virtual walk along the route yourself. The other camera was used to record audio, but I will also use the footage on Facebook, as it was portrait orientation owing to how I had to attach the camera to my camera pole.

There will be a number of films showing the route, starting with a Hyperlapse which shows the entire trip in under five minutes. So look out for that.

Beach Bar


You can see a couple of joggers in this shot. Soon there were a lot more. I had managed to start my film just before the Paphos Running Club had their latest 5Km race, which went from the castle to just before the Elysium and back.

New Shades


When I walked past this for my original article it was a work in progress. Now they have finished it, and it looks rather lovely.

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