From Lighthouse To Venus Beach

Published 18th of October, 2023

We recently showed you the newly-renovated walkway between Paphos Castle and the Lighthouse Beach. A lot of people asked us where the path went from there. Well eventually, if rumours are true, it will lead all the way to Coral Bay. In this article we are going to check out the the first part of the route, from Lighthouse to Venus Beach.

Free Beer


To get to Lighthouse Beach without walking from Paphos Castle, you need to follow the coast road to Coral Bay from the Mall Roundabout. You will soon come to a sign pointing to a Municipal Beach on your left. If you miss it, turn left when you get to Duomo and follow the road round from there. Eventually you will arrive at this sign. At first glance it is every drinker's dream. However, closer inspection reveals it is actually advertising Free Wifi and Cold Beer.

Lighthouse Beach Car Park


They have recently tarted up the carpark at Lighthouse Beach. Before it used to be a mass of pot-holes, so this is a massive improvement.

Work In Progress


This was where we finished the article on the renovated Paphos Harbour Walkway, so it makes sense to start from here.

They now appear to be renovating the kiosk at Lighthouse Beach. Prior to now, it was a pretty good kiosk, which served very nice, and reasonably priced food and drinks.

Moving On


This isn't an article on the beach itself, so let's get on the walkway and see where it takes us.

Interesting Dimensions


The first point of interest we come to is this rather unusual structure. I like how the angles give you deceptive viewpoints, depending on where you are standing.

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