Marathounta Shortcut

Published 25th of January, 2021

Enjoy The View


There are a couple of churches in this shot. The church on the hill is our favourite. The views from there are spectacular.

Spring Green


At one point the road will split in two. It merges again soon after. If you want to drive through a huge puddle, take the right-hand track.

Seaward Bound


You can see the track we are following on the right.

Distant Marathounta


If the new motorway is ever built it will be on the right of this picture.

Top Of The Hill


If you follow the road, you will eventually reach the top of the hill. I don't mean the hill in this picture, but another hill below this. Once you get to this point, you will also notice an awful lot of rubbish. This area used to be the Municipal Dump, and it is obvious that some people still think it is. There are numerous tracks that weave through the rubbish, and one of them takes you up here. If you continue on the track the terrain gets quite hazardous. Sooner or later you will realise that you are in fact driving around a motorcycle scramble track. I once made it the whole way round in my Pajero, but I wouldn't recommend it, especially after rain.

This is also where I came to fly a drone for the first time. There is plenty of room here, and it is great for getting the feel of your plane. I remember vividly my first flight here though, because of what happened afterwards. I had put the drone down, and was exploring some of the rocks. After a while I could hear a droning noise (no pun intended) that was getting louder. I looked up, and saw that the sky above me was full of swarming bees. I immediately thought I must have annoyed a nest, but I think I was probably just a bystander. Anyway, whatever the cause, I legged it back to the car pronto.

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