Restaurant Review: La Sardegna Da Gino

Published 31st of January, 2023

Fancy a change from Souvlaki or Pork Chop? You wouldn't normally associate Cyprus with quality Italian food but a restaurant in Paphos will provide you with the authentic Italian taste. Step forward, La Sardegna Da Gino, and take a bow.

This Must Be The Place


If you drive up from Kings Avenue Mall to Kennedy Square, you will almost immediately go past this restaurant on your left. If you want to park, your best bet is to turn right into the area by the bowling alley, and park there.

Not Empty For Long


We visited on Sunday. They open at 1PM, and we got there two minutes after that, so were the second people to be seated. According to the reviews on Google, you should book ahead if you want to avoid waiting.

Their number is 26 933399.

Spicy Salami


As well as pizza, they also do a variety of pastas and other traditional Italian food. We all wanted pizza though, so I cannot comment on their lasagne.



This was my pizza. From memory, it was topped with onions, tomatoes, salami and frankfurter. I also asked for some chilli oil which soon appeared. I like my pizza to have a bit of a kick.

Egg and Spinach


Alex opted for a pizza topped with egg and spinach.

All the pizzas were absolutely delicious. They are available in two sizes. The ones in this picture are all "small" so God knows how big the large ones are. These were huge. I barely managed to finish mine, while Alex and our daughter were both defeated. A small pizza costs on average 14 euro.

If you are a couple and can cope with sharing a pizza, you might want to consider having one between you and ordering some garlic bread as well. There's no way you could eat a pizza and a garlic bread yourself, unless you had been stuck on the Akamas for a week. Unfortunately, Alex likes her pizzas with lots of vegetables, and I like mine with lots of meat and chilli. So that isn't going to happen.

This place is highly recommended. By the time we left it was nearly full. Most of the customers were Cypriot, too. I can understand why a holidaymaker might prefer Cypriot food. After all, pizza is a lot easier to come by than Kleftico back in the UK. But if you are in the mood for an Italian, you should definitely try them out.

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